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Help us raise money and fight cancer in dogs!

Zoe’s Journey UK is the Leading Fundraiser of Animal Health Trust’s canine cancer research, a UK charity helping millions of animals across the world through research.

All funds raised through Zoe’s Journey UK are used by the Animal Health Trust to further research into canine cancer. The Animal Health Trust has recognised Zoe’s Journey UK as one of the largest independent fundraisers in the country and has been bowled over by the resourcefulness, passion and dedication to the cause.

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About Zoe’s Journey UK.

Zoe’s Journey UK is striving to make things better for our dogs of today and tomorrow, and passionately led by founder, Jayne May.

Cancer has to be one of the most feared words of today, for both humans and dogs alike. Back in August 2013, Jayne’s beautiful Golden Retriever, Zoe, was diagnosed with stage 3 Lymphoma. It was this moment that changed Jayne’s life forever, and where Zoe’s Journey began.

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Latest news, events and stories.

We believe it’s important to have fun while raising money, particularly for a cause that is so close to the hearts of so many. Here’s what we and our supporters have achieved!

Read the latest news from the Animal Health Trust

The Animal Health Trust (AHT) is currently carrying out crucial research into canine cancer, which is a blight on the life of our canine friends.

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Please support our Charity Black Friday Event & Christmas Auctions where 100% raised will go to Canine Cancer Research at the Animal Health Trust

Christmas Shopping Supporting Canine Cancer Research

For Christmas shopping where 100% goes to canine cancer research please go to our auction site

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We’d love to hear all about what you’re doing and help you reach your goal.

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