Two of our very own from Team Zoe are making a massive leap on behalf of our fundraising.

Sue Tyler-Moore and Sarah Collins have booked a very special event to celebrate what would have been Zoe’s 15th birthday.

What sort of event, you ask?

They have bravely signed up to complete a sky jump on Sunday, 19th June at Dunkerswell Airfield in Devon.

Sue has told us; “We have to report at 10am and with good weather, the jump (or push out of the plane screaming and kicking) will be some time after that. We picked this date as it would have been Zoe’s 15th birthday, had she not passed away peacefully of old age at the beginning of April, …having won her fight with the dreaded big C”. We also hear that Sue is also afraid of heights, making this skydive from 15,000 feet even more impressive.

If you would like to dig deep and give to support this fundraiser, you can do so by visiting our justgiving page.

Sue tells us; “one things for sure there will not be a repeat performance by me!!”