ZOE'S JOURNEY UK Supporting Cancer Research in Dogs
ZOE'S JOURNEY UKSupporting Cancer Research in Dogs

How Zoe's Journey UK began - Zoe's story

Cancer has to be one if the not the most feared word of our lives now with our dogs. One of the first thoughts that come to mind is: - I hope it does not happen to my dog, or how sorry we are to hear it has struck yet another one. I was no different, that day back in August 2013, when my Vet Steve Tasker told me Zoe (aged 12) had Lymphoma stage 3.


We go numb don't we, we can't hear what the vet is saying, we are frightened and wonder how long do they have? Then the first thing that enters our mind is "Will he/she die?"; then without listening to the vet again the second thing we ask ourselves is "Why my dog"? "Why me??" Well sadly we don't have the answers to these questions, but thanks to research we do have some hope.


I took Steve's advice, I trusted him 100%& decided to go down the Chemotherapy road in the hope to try & save Zoe's life.  An emotional roller-coaster for any owner & their family, and of course individual choice. I decided to put my full trust in my vet & Zoe commenced Chemotherapy. Steve calculated Zoe's treatment & monitored her throughout. That was almost 5 years ago.


Zoe made it, she is fit & well & was 14 this June. Zoe remains on a very small dose of Chemotherapy to this day. She is happy, has a great quality of life and acts about 4 years of age. Zoe is clear of Cancer now, but for every Zoe, there are thousands that don't make it, they just die, yet more victims to cancer. Dogs as young as 3 months have been diagnosed with Lymphoma, we now have so many Golden Retrievers dying so young of Cancer it's heartbreaking.


But we can help. I have set up fundraising now for the ANIMAL HEALTH TRUST. I called ZOE'S JOURNEY UK. We need funds to help research CANCER IN DOGS. There was a time when there was no hope for Lymphoma, now we have Chemo, but we need funds to help the AHT research into all these cancers that sadly take these dogs away from us so quickly. Lymphoma is very quick but there is treatment. However, for many cancers there is nothing we can do. They shouldn't just die when we can help research. Steve & the team at Watkins & Tasker Vet Practice saved Zoe's life, please help "ZOE'S JOURNEY UK" fund by donating whatever you can, by either an event, auction anything to help this worthy cause. Let’s try & make a difference to the research into CANCER IN DOGS. Thank you. Jayne May.

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Beating cancer in dogs.


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