How Zoe’s Journey UK

Learning that your dog has cancer is one the most devastating things you can hear from your vet. In August 2013, my vet Steve Tasker told me that Zoe (aged 12) had Stage 3 Lymphoma.

I took Steve’s advice and chose chemotherapy treatment to give Zoe a fighting chance. An emotional roller-coaster for any owner and their family. I put my full trust in Steve and Zoe commenced Chemotherapy.

Zoe made it through and was given the all clear. She continued on and had a great quality of life until she sadly passed away in her sleep from a stroke on the 2nd of April 2016.

Help us raise money for cancer research in dogs now


Zoe was cleared of cancer and lived a full life, but for every Zoe, there are thousands of dogs that are taken too soon. Dogs as young as 3 months have been diagnosed with Lymphoma.

But we can all help. I have set up Zoe’s Journey UK and our goal is to raise funds for the Animal Health Trust to help cancer research in dogs.

Lymphoma is very fast acting but it can be treated with chemotherapy, however there are many cancers for which there is no treatment or cure. We can help by funding the necessary research and save many lives.

Steve and the team at Watkins & Tasker Vet Practice saved Zoe’s life. Let’s try and make a difference to the research into cancer in dogs.

Please help Zoe’s Journey UK in any way that you can, raising funds and awareness.

About Watkins & Tasker

Zoe’s Vet – Steve Tasker BVSc MRCVS

Steve has been working as a companion animal Vet in the UK for over 25 years, and has worked in some beautiful places, including Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, and Edinburgh, before he settled in North Somerset where he became a partner in Watkins and Tasker Vets. The practice developed at some pace from a two Vet team, to a multi-site, 11 Vet practice of today. As sole veterinary owner these days, Steve is keen that the high quality, client orientated, friendly ethos that allowed that huge growth is very much at the heart of what the practice is still about.

“We love our work, and we live and breathe doing what is right, what is best for the patient and what is achievable for the owners. Full communication at every level is the be all and end all!

Working in first opinion practice does not preclude us doing high level vet work and this was a case in point for Zoe – the dog who was the reason behind Jayne May starting this whole adventure in fundraising to battle cancer in dogs. Our approach back then was as it is now. We saw Zoe, we advised and discussed with Jayne, and we were able with her permission to get diagnostic tests performed quickly which led to a speedy diagnosis for Zoe. Sadly, that diagnosis was that she had lymphoma. We started a course of chemotherapy, a long and winding road, but Zoe did phenomenally well, and the rest is history. Early diagnosis, early treatment. I’m convinced that was the key to success. She lived out the rest of her life cancer free.

My advice to any pet owners concerned about cancer in their pets – seek professional veterinary opinion quickly, be a part of the decision making alongside your Vet including full discussion of all the options available to you, and DON’T be afraid of chemotherapy!!”

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