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ZOE'S JOURNEY UKSupporting Cancer Research in Dogs

Katie's Cake Sale

Katie Stride wrote:


To begin with I contacted anyone I could think of (which took about a fortnight to organise and finalise).  These are the people that have helped

– my next door neighbour purchased a cake outright, –

my trainer purchased liver cake outright.  


All of these people took cakes/liver cakes to get donations for

– Ringwood Vets,

– Three Cross Vets,

– The High Corner Inn.  

Two of my friends, Matthew and Louise, sold to friends. My best friend took them to her training club and Mum took them to her work. All in all I baked a LOT of liver cake, nearly 100 cupcakes (and iced and decorated them) and 5 big cakes. All of this raised £160 (with Gift Aid £200). All of this is finished now and boy am I exhausted but this experience was definitely worth it.

A sweet contribution Katie. Thank you.


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