ZOE'S JOURNEY UK Supporting Cancer Research in Dogs
ZOE'S JOURNEY UKSupporting Cancer Research in Dogs

Zoe's 14th Birthday with the Animal Health Trust

On the 19 June 2015, Zoe reached her 14th bithday, which is a landmark in her life that one year ago, no-one would have expected her to reach.


To mark the occasion Zoe was invited to the Animal Health TRust where a celbration had been arranged. Below are some of the memories from the day.

So, 14 Years and living the dream.

Wow! My very own paddock. Always wanted one of these.



Birthday kisses. Love it.



Me and all my friends, and I've got loads of them.

Love a bit of a pose. Don't I look good with Jayne?



Don't you just love cake?



I love cards. Especially this kind.

That's what I'm talking about. Lets fight together.

Give my chin a scratch would you please? There's a pet....



Boy this fresh air feels good.


I like it here. Can we stay?

More cake. You can never get too much of this stuff. Happy Birthday to me.

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