ZOE'S JOURNEY UK Supporting Cancer Research in Dogs
ZOE'S JOURNEY UKSupporting Cancer Research in Dogs

"Jayne this is for you"

For me, the privilege and honour of having such a massive successful Group/Team like this is not the people on the group, it's the dedication of the people "in" the group and my goodness do we have so many dedicated to this cause. On Monday 19th June 2017, at the AHT Presentation, a lady walked up to me carrying a bag, I assumed it was something for the auction (which made over £1,000) she gave me the bag and said "Jayne, this is for you" I said thank you, but no need to thank me because this cause is now vital and we just have to help dogs with cancer, but thank you so much anyway. She stood there while I opened the bag. A poster? A picture? A giant card? Could have been anything. I smiled whilst I looked inside, I saw a frame, a picture I thought how nice, how kind. I smiled as I took it out...then I saw this...my eyes filled up, heart beating so fast as I saw Zoe looking at me. Zoe was there, Susan Henshaw had drawn Zoe, framed the picture and gave this to me. I promise I will treasure this picture and the love, the work, thought and dedication that went into doing this. Susan, it has pride of place, now in my lounge and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My goodness this group will forever take some beating!



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