ZOE'S JOURNEY UK Supporting Cancer Research in Dogs
ZOE'S JOURNEY UKSupporting Cancer Research in Dogs


In 2013, I was diagnosed with a disease which would normally kill, Cancer.

The type of cancer that I was diagnosed was Lymphoma (Stage 3). This was diagnosed by my vet, and as a result, I was put on a long course of treatment, Chemotherapy.

It was agreed that without the treatment I would survive no more than a few weeks, and with the treatment, although there were no guarantees, at least I would have a fighting chance.

After what seemed like an eternity, in February, 2015, I was finally discharged from treatment and have been living a healthy life since. That story is the short version of what I went through but this message is to celebrate what happened after, when My Story, became Zoe’s Journey UK.

Zoe’s Journey UK was created by Jayne May, my owner. She decided that in order to help other dogs survive this killer disease, like I did, something needed to be done. She decided to raise some money to pay for research, and so Zoe’s Journey UK was born.

Although so far, the Journey has not been too long, it has to be said that it has certainly been eventful. Along the way, I have made so many new friends, some who I have met, and some I have not, but all friends nevertheless. These new friendships are spread across the whole of the United Kingdom, and have even had contact from people overseas.

My Twitter account is followed by ordinary people, business organisations and celebrities alike. There is also a Facebook Auction page as well as my own website (oh, you know about that though or you wouldn’t be reading this).

In order to ensure that the monies raised by Zoe’s Journey UK are maximised with Gift Aid, where granted by donators, it was created with the use of the Just Giving website. All monies donated through Just Giving are paid directly to the charity beneficiary, which in our case is the Animal Health Trust (AHT) who are responsible for carrying out the research into canine cancers. We have been acknowledged publicly by the AHT for the efforts and results we have achieved, and they even threw me a birthday party (How Cool).

Zoe’s Journey, in just a short space of time, has built a really good relationship with the AHT and also with a strong team of fundraisers who are truly dedicated to this cause. Thanks to this team, not only did Zoe’s Journey UK exceed its original target of £5000.00, we have now raised a magical £32,149.91 as at 23 August 2015.

Along the way to raise this fantastic amount there has been a number of events all over the UK with participation in the name of Zoe’s Journey UK. Events have ranged from Charity Haircuts to 100km Bike Rides, cake sales to barbecues; from Cornwall to Scotland and Wales to London. However big or small the event, or the amounts raised and donated, I hold my paws up to all of you and say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for helping us to achieve what we have.

On top of all that, I've even got my own line of branded products on sale through the Animal Health Trust shop







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