ZOE'S JOURNEY UK Supporting Cancer Research in Dogs
ZOE'S JOURNEY UKSupporting Cancer Research in Dogs

Legal notices

Zoe's Journey UK is non-profit and established specifically to raise funds for canine cancer research. All funds raised, in agreement with the Animal Health Trust, will be directly allocated to the Animal Health Trust who will utilise the funding to progress research activity. The Animal Health Trust will provide regular updates as to how funding is being used and this will be communicated via the Zoe's Journey UK web site, Facebook and Twitter media sites.

Content Submissions

Page content: all page content has been generated in good faith with direct submissions from participants of the Zoe's Journey UK fundraising team. Photographs utilised on the website have been published with the owner’s consent. Zoe's Journey UK reserves the right to update, refresh and remove content as appropriate.

If you wish to reproduce content from Zoe's Journey UK, please complete an enquiry form.

Merchandise and Auction Sales

Zoe's Journey UK - Auction:

Zoe's Journey UK is not responsible for any products advertised and/or purchased via the auction site. The auction site operates on the good faith of the team engaged in raising funds. Should there be issues with a purchase, the purchaser should liaise directly with the seller. The admin team will provide support should issues arise, however they cannot replace or refund against items.


Zoe's Journey UK Merchandise:

Only authorised distributors and suppliers are permitted to use and reproduce the Zoe's Journey UK logo to produce merchandise. Any unauthorised use of the Zoe's Journey UK logo will be subject to challenge. 

The Zoe's Journey UK website will provide links to purchase genuine Zoe's Journey UK merchandise, however is not directly accountable for any purchase agreement you make when ordering products from a supplier. 

Orders placed for Zoe's Journey merchandise will generate an invoice. This invoice will provide your order details and contact details for the supplier. Should there be any issues with your order, please use the contact details supplied on your invoice to enable resolution.

Company or Organisation Logos

All logos used on this website are the property of the companies or organisations they represent and are reproduced here only after obtaining the permission of those property owners.

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