ZOE'S JOURNEY UK Supporting Cancer Research in Dogs
ZOE'S JOURNEY UKSupporting Cancer Research in Dogs

Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. About Us

1a. Zoe's Journey UK is a non-profit organisation set up to raise funds for the Animal Health Trust (AHT), who are currently undertaking research into Canine Cancer to identify causes, diagnoses and treatments (more information on history can be found here if required).

1b. Statex Colour Print is a printing solutions company based in the North East of England, and have been working in partnership with Zoe's Journey UK, at no cost, to develop and publish the Christmas Collection products.

1c. 100% of all funds raised by Zoe's Journey UK is paid to the Animal Health Trust to pay for Canine Cancer research.

1d. All work carried out by members of Zoe's Journey UK is done so on a voluntary basis and time and donations are made free of any cost to Zoe's Journey UK with all costs being paid by the members.

1e. Completion of any purchase from the website constitutes an agreement to these terms and conditions as written.


2. Privacy

2a. The provision of your details on the On-Line Order Form will be submitted to us via your own email account thereby providing you with your own audit for order submission purposes.

2b. Zoe's Journey, nor Statex Colour Print, will retain any personal information submitted via the on-line Order Form for any period longer than is necessary for the completion of the purchase transaction.

2c. Zoe's Journey UK, nor Statex Colour Print, will share any details provided via the on-line Order Form with any other parties.

2d. Zoe's Journey UK, nor Statex Colour Print, will not ask any third party to contact you on our behalf.

2e. Any contact from Zoe's Journey UK or Statex Colour Print will only be made in relation to any order for goods ordered via the Zoe's Journey UK website (www.zoesjourneyuk.com).


3. Payment

3a. Payment for any goods ordered via www.zoesjourneyuk.com will only be accepted via PayPal.

3b. Zoe's Journey UK are unable to accept cash or card payments.

3c. Payment must be received before any order can be confirmed. Confirmation will be provided within 24 hours of the payment being confirmed in our PayPal account.

3d. The required payment for any of the Zoe's Journey Christmas Collection goods sold on this website will be based on the price list shown on the Order Form page of the website.


4. Delivery

4a. Delivery will be arranged following receipt confirmation of the PayPal payment.

4b. Postage costs are free for all Christmas Collection goods purchased from the website.

4c. Orders will be dispatched using Second Class Royal Mail postal service.

4d. When purchasing any items from the website, you should allow up to 21 days for delivery after the confirmation of the PayPal payment being made.

4e. Zoe's Journey will only investigate delivery enquiries after 21 days has passed since the confirmation of the PayPal payment.

4f. Neither Zoe's Journey UK or Statex Colour Print can accept any liability for goods that are lost or damaged in the postal system.


5. Return Policy

5a. Zoe's Journey UK, as a non-profit organisation cannot operate a full refund policy.

5b. Only goods that are deemed to be faulty as a result of a defect in production will be considered for returns purposes.

5c. The goods covered by these terms and conditions are a limited print item and therefore neither Zoe's Journey UK or Statex Colour Print can guarantee a replacement for any faulty goods, although a refund of payment may be considered for goods that are deemed to be inferior as a result of a defect in production.

5d. Examples of circumstances where refunds will not be considered are:


i) Lost in transit with Royal Mail

ii) Damaged in transit with Royal Mail

iii) Theft of packages

iv) Damage to packages by third parties or animals

v) Damage caused by weather or other natural elements or phenomena

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and does not constitute a full and final definition.


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